Q: Who owns and operates the airport?

A: The Pitt Meadows Regional Airport (YPK) is owned and operated by the Pitt Meadows Airport Society. The airport was transferred over from Transport Canada in 1999. The Pitt Meadows Airport Society is a not-for profit organization that reinvest all earnings back into YPK to improve the airport for the community. It is governed by an independent Board of Directors appointed by the City of Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.


Q: Does the airport get City funding?

A: No, being privately owned, the airport does not receive any City funding for airport operations.


Q: Who is Nav Canada and are they responsible for airport operations?

A: Nav Canada is a not-for-profit organization that operates the control tower at YPK Airport and owns and operates Canada’s civil air navigation service.

They are responsible for all air traffic and the Pitt Meadows Airport Society is responsible for all ground activity.


Q: How do I submit a noise or safety concern?

A: For any safety or noise concerns please call 604-465-8977 ext. 9 and leave a message with your name and number or complete a submission form found below.

Noise concerns for areas outside the airports 5-mile (9.3 km) radius/jurisdiction should be directed to Transport Canada at 604-666-4916.

Submit a Noise Concern


Q: How much does it cost to fly to Victoria with Harbour Air?

A: Please contact Harbour Air directly at 1-800-665-0212 or visit their website to find out more information.

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Q: Where else can I fly to from Pitt Meadows?

A: Van City Seaplanes offers on-demand chartered float plane service to a variety of destinations and can be reached at 604-716-0536.


Q: Does the airport offer any scenic tours in a small plane or helicopter?

A: Yes, the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport is home of several different sightseeing operations including: Island Coastal Aviation, Pacific Rim Aviation, Sierra Helicopters, and Sky Helicopters. Click below for contact information.

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Q: Does the airport have any flying schools?

A: Yes, there are five flight schools currently operating out of YPK and contact information for each can be found below under Flight Training.

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Q: Does the airport offer any FBO services such as aircraft refueling, parking, etc.?

A: YPK Airport has two mobile fuel bowsers onsite containing Jet A1 and AvGas 100LL in addition to an AvGas Card Lock (self-serve). For mobile fueling services, please call 778-808-3312.

For more information on the current pricing please follow the link below for the latest fuel price.

YPK Airport also provides overnight aircraft parking on the main apron in front of the control tower/terminal building. Payment can be made via the pay station located inside the terminal building. Please contact airport administration for the current overnight parking rates at info@flyypk.ca or 604-465-8977 ext. 6

Fuel Info


Q: If I’m flying out of YPK airport, where can I park my vehicle overnight?

A: The airport does not offer overnight parking unless you are flying with a passenger aircraft service directly out of YPK Airport, such as Harbour Air or Vancity Seaplanes.

Please contact the company/business you’re flying with and ensure you obtain an airport approved overnight parking pass.


Q: To operate a drone at/near the airport, whom do I contact?

A: Please be advised that there are no drones allowed on airport grounds as per Transport Canada regulations. Please contact the Nav Canada Tower at 604-465-6255 for additional information or drone usage in the nearby area.


Q: Is there a location on-site where I can store an RV, camper, boat or vehicle?

A: The Pitt Meadows Regional Airport does not permit non-aviation related storage.


Q: What are the requirements for getting an airside pass?

A: All persons requiring an airside pass must be an aircraft or hangar owner/renter or have an onsite airside business. Please contact airport administration at info@flyypk.ca or 604-465-8977 ext. 6 for more details.


Q: Does the airport offer monthly/annual tie-down spots and what are the costs associated with that?

A: Yes, the airport offers tie down spots for aircraft of all makes/sizes. Please follow to link below or contact airport administration at info@flyypk.ca  or 604-465-8977 ext. 6 for the current parking rates.

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Q: Do you have any hangars available for sale or for rent?

A: The hangars at YPK Airport are leased out separately. Please contact the appropriate leaseholders directly. Leaseholder contact information can be found here under Parking/Hangars.

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